NINE O'CLOCK: The platform has been officially launched

The organic product online offer becomes wider. A new player has joined the market, “a true boutique of beauty and health for the entire family”, as described by its developers, is the newest online store dedicated to organic care. Founded this February by 4 young entrepreneurs, Oana Totora, Octavian Vacarescu, Sergiu Vacarescu and Ruxandra Toba, to whom Ana Mohora has joined later, the online platform was made with a EUR 25,000 initial investment. Now, more than 2,500 products can be found on the website, from pure body care cosmetics and makeup, baby & child care products, to accessories and organic detergents, all of them at competitive prices, certified in terms of quality. project is based on a personal motivation, being driven by the initiator's needs and lifestyle: “ story began to take shape when Sara was born into our family, and among the first purchases made were organic baby care products and eco detergents. At that time, we established that we want to pass on to our daughter the principles of a healthy lifestyle, ranging from nutrition and sports, up to a mind nurtured with quality information. From this whole equation, cosmetics and care products could not be overlooked. We began to read carefully the ingredients and the chemical composition of the products we used, and we increasingly became more aware of what cosmetics we chose to use”, stated Oana Totora at a press conference. One of the purposes of the online

shop is to bring to the attention of the public healthy alternatives to conventional care, beauty and cleaning products, through a selection of organic products that do not contain synthetic additives and are made from plants grown without pesticides, fertilizers, or from genetically modified organisms. “More than 5 kg of products are annually absorbed by our body, passing beyond the protective layer of the skin. More than 60% of the content of creams, oils, butter, pass through the skin, get into the blood, where they are taken further to the organs, where they are stored and accumulated”, Oana Totora stated at the launching conference.

According to her, “organic products are better processed by the human body and can even help due to their active ingredients. There are a lot of products that add substances into our bodies. A very important argument for me was that organic cosmetic products are environmentally friendly, and they are not tested on animals”.  The online shop offers a wide range of products that fit to everyone’s needs, each customer being able to choose depending on the availability, on the needs or on the wish. “For a long time, people thought that organic cosmetics are prohibitive, that they are extremely expensive”, stated

Oana Totora, which is not necessarily true in the case of “If someone wishes a simple alternative to the conventional cosmetics, that person can find the relevant organic product. Prices are higher depending on certifications, on ingredients. From my point of view, they are still far from the level of the famous luxury brands”, she also said. The interest of the Romanian consumers for organic care products has increased, but the Romanian market does not keep up with the demands of those who want natural products with traditional ingredients and natural flavors. Although Romanian producers have competitive products in terms of price and quality compared to those produced internationally, much of the organic cosmetics found on the domestic market are imported. aims to identify and attract as many Romanian producers as it can, with a range of clean, natural, organic products. The Romanian consumers still prefer to buy classic cosmetics from the big retail stores, followed pharmacies and beauty salons. At the same time, the online sales have significantly grown in the last 2-3 years.